Since 1915 and the feat of the French Adolphe Pégoud, the aces of aviation are fighter pilots credited with at least five air victories.

Who knows :

•   that the last of them was the Iranian Assadollah Adeliin 1988,

•   that among eight thousand aces of forty nationalities, one third are Germans,

•   that there were as many Canadian as French aces during the 1st World War,

•   that a Finn is at the top of the World War II list, apart from the Luftwaffe,

•   that there were more Soviet aces than American aces during the Korean War,

•   that in Vietnam they were three (it is six !) times more Vietnamese Aces than American,

•   that two Russians and one Israeli obtained the top score on modern fighters.


This story of men, women, and their machines transcends the twentieth century.

Knights of the sky, aces dominated the battlefields like the Middle Age knights.

Through this magisterial essay that deciphers their myth, the author tells their epic, highlighting the way in which these heroes including Israelis, Arabs and Iranians were used by the propaganda and also for the sake of the arms sales …