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The " Machete " that could replace the A-10 Warthog

  1. Machete is a concept for a new light-weight attack plane for the US Air Force

  2. Designed with a metal foam instead of the traditional armor

  3. Will be single engine, single seat planes and offered in 2 variants 

  4. Other models for air-to-air combat and advanced training could also be released

Known as the 'flying gun', the A-10 Warthog plane was a hero during Operating Desert Storm – but has since been deemed vulnerable and costly to operate.

Now, a Minnesota-based startup has unveiled designs for a new attack plane called the 'Machete' that consists of a new metal foam developed in conjunction with the US Department of Energy.

The metal foam is lightweight and strong - and is capable of stopping bullets and other projectiles in much less space than traditional armor, while the plane boasts the same 30mm cannon as the Warthog it could replace.

David Axe with War is

Although the A-10 is deemed one of the most important US assets, its time has come to be replaced with a new and modern model.

Stavatti, an aerospace startup, resurrected an old proposal of the Machete that was first marketed in 2009.
The Machete is still in the concept stages, but is set to be released in to variants - the propeller-driven SM-27 and the jet-propelled SM-28.

It is believed that the Air Force is on the market for about 20 'OA-X' light weight combat planes and is looking to purchase them in the near future.

However, because the Machete is still a concept drawing, the plan would not be available in time to fulfill the OA-X need, but could be later a contender for a broader acquisition of attack planes', reports Axe.

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