" One day you will come to a fork in the road,"  …  " and you're going to have to make a decision about which direction you want to go." … 

" If you go that way you can be somebody. You will have to make compromises and you will have to turn your back on your friends. But you will be a member of the club and you will get promoted and you will get good assignments."

"To be somebody or to do something.
In life there is often a roll call.
That's when you will have to make a decision. "

Robin OLDS

" Fighter pilot is not just a description , it's an attitude ; it's cockiness , it's aggressiveness , it's self - confidence . It is a streak of rebelliousness and competitiveness."

" But there's something else ; there's a spark. There's a desire to be good , to do well in the eyes of your peers and your commander, and in your own mind, to be second to no one. The sky is your playground and competitiveness is your life."

In the military, they mostly divide themselves into four major categories : There are the ' me - firsters , 'the' me - tooers, 'the' deadwood , 'and the' dedicated . ' You are among the minority, the' dedicated . 'Stick with them , search them out, and work hard to be worthy of their company. You won't be popular with a lot of your bosses. "

To conquer without danger, one triumphs without glory.

Willy Coppens de Houthulst

In 1940, "when the absurd order was given to the Belgian pilots to destroy the Channel Albert bridges in other words to send them to dead, no General, Colonel or Major (flying a few days earlier to get their flying premium) dared to take the lead … Went then heroically, betrayed by their leaders, two Captains, twelve Lieutenants, twelve Ncos and two corporals …"

"Military regulations being made to remove the best under the pressure of the worst ... the elite was almost entirely eliminated and the Air Force lost the fighter spirit, which made the Aces".

" The decorations are easier to obtain than to win: the risks are lower.

I don’t wear them anymore."

Roman    Van Eeckhoudt   Mathijs        Bodart         Kreps          Leclercq     de Maere     Van De Poel     Blume

were our Beauvechain mentors of the fifties …, RAF products, who excluded the fainthearted (Tony de Maere in his book "Haute passion).

In 1962, when their last heir, Yves Bodart succumbed in flight due to an oxygen failure, the outcasted of the fifties made a triumphant return. Their peacetime mafia was mostly made out of ducks perching on branches of influence (political, freemasons, linguistics ...) and tailoring their flight to the the career requests. The U.S.A.F. philosophy privileging the Strategic Air Command and considering the figther pilots as useless daredevils gave water to their mill until the failure of Vietnam …

There were nevertheless a few USAF pilots who tried to restore the fighter spirit. They were ostracized.

The inherited RAF fighter spirit

The USAF rebels